Suphattra Land, orchards Rayong

15 km north of Rayong is Suphattra Country, A visit to Supphatra country can be a very different. It has been awarded Thailand's best agro-tourist destination. I was told that it was a must for fruit lovers. Once at Suphattra Country buy a ticket, you might get a coconut and then it's off with the bus out on the farms.

Here you will see and feel the mangosteen, rambutan, durian, star fruit, banana, papaya, mango, dragon fruit, jackfruit, grapes, coconut, longan, passion fruit, pomelo, pineapple, rose apple and a number of other fruits are growing, yes the list goes on and on. Around the middle of the tour the bus stopped and it was offered a fruit table of all the fruits that had season right now, which was most fruits as we have mentioned before.

Children's favorites tend to be mango and longan were small brown balls, peeled and served on a conveyor belt to anyone who wants to try. Children will be here as in many other places in Thailand treated well. They usually show happy faces. Sometimes, of course, it gets too much even for them and they choose to hide behind us. And they usually evoke fond giggle when they then peeking out, and then the prank call and running is on again! A visit to Suphatrra Country fits all, are you interested in fruits then this will fit you perfectly. You will see rubber trees and even beekeeping. If your heading to Suphatrra Country, go to
Lalok Road, Nong Lalok Tel.038892048-9
Open from 06:30-18: 00