Sukhothai, which means "Dawn joy" lies 440 km north of Bangkok. The city was the first capital of Siam and was founded in 1238 the town was for its time a very impressive result. of its size and all their small beautiful temple. Sukhothai is still the symbol of a golden age for Thailand, although the new district 12 km from the ruins do not have much to offer. The tourists spend the night here as a rule just to see the amazing ruins area from 1200-1300 centuries. 

History of Sukhothai 
Thai people immigrated from southern China to Siam, where they eventually became so numerous that they managed to push the Khmers from Sukhothai. In 1238 the city became Siam (Thailand) first capital. 
When King Ramkamhaeng came to power in 1278, he made Siam into a mighty kingdom. In addition to incorporating new areas of his empire he established political relations with China. Furthermore, he had to revise the Khmer alphabet. and the alphabet was introduced in 1283 is largely the same as that used today in Thailand. 
King Ramkamhaeng also supported culture and religion, and are now considered Sukhothaistilen be the highlight of Thai art. All in all, eight kings reign Sukhothai who in 1365 became a vassal state of Ayutthaya. 

- Sukhothais historical park 
- Wat Traphang Tong 
- Ramkamhaeng National Museum 
- Wat Mahathat 
- Wat Si Sawai 
Those with more will to behold in Sukhothai historical park