Frukter i Thailand

I Thailand hittar du många exotiska frukter och många av dom smakar mycket bättre när de är mogna på träden innan de plockas, särskilt om du jämför med en transport på båt till Sverige och norden. Här listar vi upp ett stort antal olika frukter som du i mindre eller större utsträckning kommer att stöta på under din vistelse eller semester I Thailand.


Bananas are the most important tropical fruit. Just as grapes also grown in subtropical areas such as. Mid. Ocean area. Produced in larger amounts than bananas.

In Thailand, there are more than 20 different species of bananas. The most common is the little green banana that has fresh and sweet taste, others bananas, among others, the red banana must be cooked before it is eaten, but then it also tastes best. an additional way to cook bananas are through grilling. 


The fruit is originally from the Andes where it grows wild. The green fruit ripening and pressure becomes brownish, oval and look like a pine cone. The raw fruit is divided into two halves so that one may eat the light and tasty flesh as the flavour is both tart and sweet, and reminds you of a mix of both mango and pear. The fruit is eaten most easily with a spoon. The dark seeds inside the fruit cannot be eaten. 


Large brown fruit with a prickly surface. Once you have smelled a durian fruit, you will recognise it again the sweet and half-rotten fruit whenever you hit it. In many hotels, they are forbidden. If the small wont scare you off you will discover the flesh is yellow and creamy with a sweet tangy flavour. Either you love durian or you will hate it, because there is no middle ground. 


As the fruit ripens the colour turns from light green to bright red. The size is like an apple, the flesh that smells strongly of small grains is salmoncoloured and can be eaten with the peel or not and most easily with a spoon just like a grapefruit. The Thai eating guava in a special way, the fruit is cut into pieces and dipped into a sauce consisting of chili salt, sugar and sometimes even a little garlic. Guava belongs to the kind of fruit that contains the most vitamin c. 


The fruit is originally from India and is currently cultivated throughout Asia. It is easily recognizable due to its large yellow-brown and thick shell with small things similar buds or tags. The fruit resembles a little bit about a hedgehog, Jack Fruit or bread fruit as it is known can be extremely large, the fruit can weigh as much as up to 50 kg. But in most cases, you buy it between 2-6 kg. When you eat the fruit divided it lengthwise with a knife and the yellow flesh is removed, it is a tasty fruit and the flesh is juicy and soft. The taste is reminiscent of elements of tart and sweet. In the vast majority of places you can buy pre-cut Jackfruit. The seeds from the fruit can be eaten both cooked or roasted.  


Most people know the coconuts characteristic brown and hairy appearance and its white and hard flesh. In Thailand, the coconut is very appreciated because it provides food, spices, oil, beverage and especially medicine. The immature fruit is green in colour and slightly larger than the mature contains about half a litre of coconut milk. Everywhere in Thailand, you can buy a coconut that the seller cuts off the top and put down a straw so you can drink healthy milk straight from the coconut. .


The Kumquatfruit is a small oval orange variety, this bright orange yellow fruit tastes very concentrated. Would you eat a raw kumquats, then you eat the shell aswell. 


The fruit also called Lychee. It is big as an egg yolk and has a thin leathery maroon and grained shell. The shell breaks apart and sits inside the whitish and tangy, yet sweet flesh of the fruit, the fruit also contains a kernel that you should not eat. Identification love fruit misused Rambutan, but lichi remains and is the true love of the fruit. Chinese people believe that fruit has an erotic effect of eating this fruit. In comparison with Rambutan Lichi has a spicier taste. In Thailand, the fruit is often used as a dessert for removing the burn in your mouth after you've eaten a spicy meal. Great similarity to this fruit has the smaller Longan which has the same size as a cherry also has a brownish shell and white pulp. Longan has a slightly sour tone than what the love fruit has. 


Mangoes have been cultivated for over 4000 years in India and plays a big role for the people in Asia as apples do for us Scandinavians. The ripe mango is soft and yielding to pressure. A mango has a hint of green, yellow and red when you look at it. The size varies a lot, but everyone has an oval shape. When you prepare a mango, cut it lengthwise, the shell should be removed and should not be eaten. The flesh has a yellow colour and the fruit is juicy sweet and very reminiscent of peach. Thais eat it as dessert or as a snack with chilli and many other spices. But also as Sticky Rice 


This purple fruit comes from Malaysia. Inside the thick and hard shell hides the pink and white, juicy flesh that almost resembles a garlic inside. the largest pieces often contain a kernel that is swallowed or spit out. When your about to eat this exotic and good fruit cut carefully around the thick shell and take off the top. You can remove the flesh with a spoon or use toothpicks. The fruit that is difficult to cultivate is in the Thai measuring an expensive fruit and the range is not so big. But you are travelling to Thailand, you should definitely try the Mangostan being one of the most gorgeous tropical fruits available. 


Papaya is a tall yellow-orange fruit that is ripe when it yields to pressure. The fruit is cut in half and the black seeds taken out and the juicy salmon-coloured flesh is enjoyed. consistency reminiscent of butter and the flavour reminiscent of apricot becomes more delicate if you drops a little lemon juice over the fruit. 


The fruit is round like a ball with a hard brown shell. The fruit tastes best when it looks to be a bit puffy and over-mature. It cuts through fruit and scrape out the flesh and clans up everything you eat even nuclei which is somewhat reminiscent of gooseberry. The flesh is gelatinous and have tones of yellow it also is juicy and slightly tart. 


The size of a pomelo is like a grapefruit with a thick and yellow skin. When the fruit is peeled, the white membrane will also be deleted. When scaled finished, enjoy a sweet and delightfully refreshing fruit. 


Rambutan is named after "Rambut" which means hair in Malay language, hence the name of the red and hairy fruit. Rambutan is in the order of an egg. Share or open the fruit so the white vitreous flesh is visible. The fruit is full of juice and sour tastes almost like love lychee fruit in the middle lies the nuclei which cannot be eaten. The fruit is eaten as it is or boiled. It is much appreciated in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. 

Water Chestnut

Purple and a little fruit. The shell is cut off and the fruit is eaten raw and the taste is a bit like coconut. It is also a prized fruit in dishes where its crisp texture is preserved. 


Known also for sjusju fruit, a pear-shaped green fruit that is peeled before the whitish flesh is eaten. The juice is a bit sticky. The core is soft and can be eaten. The taste reminds a bot of beets.