Which sports are practiced in Thailand?

Thailand's most famous sports is probably still Thai boxing, Thai boxing in is all kicks and punches allowed. But there are far many more different sports practiced in Thailand. The Winter Olympic Games is usually, how strange it sounds to be some participants who both skiing and slalom. Thailand, however, tend not to make any top rankings in the winter Olympics, but still!

Here you can find the sport in Thailand that you can find more information! 

>>Kite Flying
>>Fish Fencing
>> Beetlefight


Other sports or dances practiced in Thailand is the Candle Dance, which is a dance where the dancer wears light instead of nail sockets. It is believed that this dance was originally used when the men came home from war.

Sword Dance, as the name says a dance with sword It is performed by men and have a dramatic expression.

Dancing with bamboo rods, a rhythmic dance where pairs jumping in and out between bamboo poles just before the tribes merged. Speed ​​and coordination are the key ingredients to practice this dance.