Questions & answers about accommodation in Thailand

Here you find FAQ about renting accommodation  in Thailand through Allt Om Thailandsresan.

What is the shortest renting period?
When you rent a house or apartment from us in Thailand you are very flexible  we don’t have any shortest renting period, we also have check in every day of the week.

Our wish is that you will find the best price on your airline ticket.
With this system, you will get more choices when looking for airline tickets. The prices can vary depending on what day you look for tickets.

When do i pay?
When you made your mind up and want to book one accommodation you will get a confirmation by mail. 5 days after the booking you will pay a deposition at 25% of the total price. The rest of the payment should be payed to Allt om Thailandsresan at the latest of 30 days BEFORE access day. You will get a bill on the deposit and the full payment approx 30 days before departure.

What happens if i cant go?
If you would get sick and cant go on your trip, you will get no refund of the deposit. Please check with your insurance company and their rules. If you payed fully for your accommodation you can get 75% of the amount back if you can give us a medical certificate.

What is included in the rent?
It is all written below each object what is included. Electricity, water and finishing cleaning is not included. You will pay for that in advance or on the spot depending on what object you chosed. The usage of the electricity depends a lot on how much you will use the air conditioning. In the offert you will be given from 

Do you need help?

Do you need help with cleaning and laundry during your stay in Thailand?
Allt Om Thailandsresan offer you services so will have more time for your holiday.

Rental conditions