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you're not committed to anything! Let us find a good option for you in Thailand, Allt om Thailandsresan has 60 years experience of travelling in Thailand! It's easy to make a request for accommodation, follow the steps below!

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How does a booking work?

Step 1
Always start with the accommodation, once you have set up an accommodation that suits you and your budget so please contact us, you book yourself, or we check if the accommodation is available, then we do a 24 hour temporary booking which is completely free of charge.

Step 2
Now your accommodation is booked temporarily and it is time to look up flights, go to find flights

Step 3
You have now booked flight ticket and it's time to let us know that your flight is booked, we then do a proper tour of your accommodations, together with that we make a real booking  on your accommodation we will also help you to book airport pick-up if you want.

Step 4
Now the fun begins! Plan your holiday in Thailand, we have many tours and excursions that are a must when visiting the area. Book directly through the website to be sure that it is not fully booked when you come to Thailand.