Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Islands consist of two rocky islands that rise 100 feet above sea level. The island is also known as James Bond Island because, right here they recorded a James Bond movie. Actor Leonardo Di Caprio has also been shooting on Phi Phi Island. The islands grow trees and shrubs out of the rock crevices, the islands are part of the Hat Noppharat Koh Phi Phi marine national park. However, it has not prevented that the islands are well developed with both bungalows and restaurants. If you visited the island long ago and coming back to day you will probably be deeply disappointed when it has become the holiday destination anywhere in Thailand. Phi Phi Islands are still incredibly beautiful. Phi Phi Don Island is simply the epitome of how an island paradise should be. It has several absolutely amazing beaches and crystal clear water, coral and all the fish that attracts all tourists. Many of the corals are destroyed because of too much anchoring of boats next to the island, it has simply destroyed many of the beautiful corals that used to exist here.

The boats dock at the pier at Ton Sai Bay Ao Ton Sai beach is therefore also the most most densely populated with bungalows and hotels. Right next to the pier Ton Sai Bay is two more beaches, Hat Hin Khom and at the very tip lies Hat Yao where there are coral reefs a bit out from the country.

From the beginning, the islands in the area was inhabited by sea gypsies who today live in the most untouched part of the island at Cape Tong, located on Phi Phi Don's northern tip. There is also accommodation facilities. The tide is very strong so never place your belongings close to the water while taking a bath, it can be devastating with mobile phones and other things.

Phi Phi Le is just a very small beach surrounded by cliffs, so it is impossible to stay on the island and most of them just come here to visit the Viking Cave, which has been named after some cave paintings resembling Viking ships. On the island they collect martlet nests. Martlets build their nests on small ledges in the Viking Cave. The people who collect the nests climbs up on extremely thin bamboo racks with the light source in the form of a torch in their mouth to collect the nests. It's a risky job, and often even more risky for the once who take the nests without permission. The nests is very desirable because they are used for the Chinese delicacy "Martlet nest soup" Unfortunately, the nests is so popular so it might wipe out and destroy the Martlets existence. The nests are made ​​of a salivary secretion that is hardened and has been for many years used within the Chinese pharmaceutical arts. According to Chinese medicine has the effect on the mind, beauty, and not least the potency has positive effects of martletsoup. The soup is also sold in Bangkok, specifically in Chinatown from snack bars that pop up after dark, but even in other parts of Asia may soups be bought and eaten.

Are you travelling to Phi Phi islands, boats daily go to the islands and it is well worth a visit. Will you fly domestically in Thailand, you can fly to Phuket and then go by boat to the islands!

Mao Phi Phi Island