Koh Mun Islands (3 pc)

To the east of Koh Samet and not far off from Mae Phim we find Koh Mun islands with its peaceful and beautiful nature. Koh Mun islands is 3 islands, Koh Mun Nai, Koh mun klang and Koh Mun Nork. It is perhaps Koh mun Nai that is best known of these islands where there is a turtlefarm who breed sea turtles, which they release into the ocean.

The very idea to the reserve was taken by Thailand's queen Sikrit who laid the foundation of the idea to Turtleisland outside Mae Phim. If you are there at the right time, you might be able to let one turtle out in the sea.

Hitta Koh Mun öarna