Koh Kudi

Just east of Koh Samet is Koh Kudi. Or as the Thais usually call it Koh Kudee. This island is inviting with beautiful clear water and lush beaches. Koh Kudi have only one beach so you need to think of what beach you should choose. Take the opportunity to enjoy sea-bathing and or go on a journey of discovery to explore the islands secrets on your own. You can discover Koh Kudi over a day to get some change of scenery and make new discoveries on Koh Kudi. There are no hotels or bungalows for rent on the island. However, it is free to camp!

Transportation to Koh Kudi
Easiest way to get to Koh Kudi is to book a boat for a day from Koh Samet, you can also book a speedboat from Chakpong that is close to our accommodations.