Wat Sakhet is located where Ratchadamoen Rd crosses Klong Banglampoe

Since you normally associate Wat Sakhet with a golden chedi on top of the mountain, it is called Wat Sakhet for the golden mountain. The Chedi, which can be seen shimmering in the sunlight from the area around Ratchadamnoen Klang and Charoen Krung Road, was for many years Bangkok's highest point.

Wat Sakhet located where the original city limits were, and part of the old city walls are still here. At the turn of the century you had executions here, and the bodies of the poor and unknowns were then distributed to the vultures.

At the foot of the mountain is the temple which was originally called "Wat Sakae." Legend has it that Rama I stayed here for performing the ritual washing before his coronation in Thonburi. The temple then changed the name to Wat Sakhet which means washing your hair.

The building interior is covered in frescoes. At the top is an angel choir and holy beings who prays with their faces turned towards the altar. Below are scenes from the Ramakien. Beyond the colonnade is another shrine, which is more elegant than the first mentioned. It is placed slightly higher up and has a pair of finely carved wooden doors. Inside the building is a large standing Buddha called "Phra Attharot" it was hidden in the ruins of Sukhothai until Rama I discovered it and brought it to the temple. The walls have pictures of praying disciples. Behind the altar is a seated Buddha flanked by two gilded bronze saints.

From the river and a bit up the hill are the Chinese burial sites with photos of the dead. The mountain is created by people and is a depiction of an artificial elevation in Ayutthaya Rama I decided to reconstruct. When the soil is very soft on the created, drained area of ​​Bangkok, he failed to achieve the desired height of the mountain. First, under Rama V was the mountain its present height (78 meters up to the top ledge), while its planned form was changed.

In the middle of the ledge a golden chedi is placed. It contains the Buddha relics that changed the Rama V of Lord Curzon, that was the vice king of India at the time. From the ledge you get a stunning view of Bangkok. Right next door you can see the roofs of the Grand Palace and Wat Po, and behind on the other side of the river you can see the high spire at Wat Arun. To the south lies the Chinese Quarter. An important Chinese festival is held here in November. Chinese acrobats performing arts, actors perform the popular dance drama Likay, and restaurants, stalls and other things. This chaos is perfected with the many speakers who try to overpower each other with good offers to the visitor.

Where is Wat Sakhet?