Wat Arun, Temple of dawn in Bangkok

Wat Arun in Bangkok also known as the Temple of Dawn. The temple got its name for its beauty in the soft morning light. From Tha Tien pier, you can take the boat across the river to get to the temple. Also many private boat operates or taxi boats from all moorings along the river are willing to sail to the temple for an agreed price. You can also take the car through the Arun Amarin Rd.

Wat Arun is located on the west bank of the Chao Praya. originally called Wat Chaeng and had already by Rama I the status of a royal temple. Rama II decided to raise the temple from its original 15 metres to a little over 80 meters high. Wat Arun is the second largest religious building in Thailand and chedi has become Bangkok's mark. The high prang is completely cover with multicoloured Chinese porcelain.

During the work on the tower they ran out of porcelain and Rama II therefore gave orders to that all the broken china would be taken over by him so that the work could be completed. he was then receiving several thousand pieces so the tower could be finished.

Symbolically Wat Arun chedi represents Mahayana Buddhism. The prang symbolizes the mountain "Meru" holding the world. The four smaller prangs around the big symbolize the four oceans and the four pavilions symbolize the four winds.

The prang is surrounded by mythological figures. If you climb up the steep steps to the top you get a grand view of the Chao Praya River and the city of Bangkok and the Grand Palace.

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