Pasteurininstitutet in Bangkok

The Institute, with its snake farm and the display is one of the world's most important centre for the production of snake serum. It is also part of the Red Cross centre where you can get vaccinated against cholera, smallpox, and typhoid and get treatment against rabies. The place has become a tourist attraction due to display and the many snakes that are available on the Institute. The snakes are among the most venomous in the world and here is you can see King cobra, common cobra and Russian spotted viper.
Snake venom are used for the preparation of serum for snake bites. The production begins with the poisonous snake is captured and drained of their venom, which then with a needle injected into the institution's horses in very small doses. The horses will not be damaged by this, but their blood makes antibodies against snake venom. The next stage in this process is to separate the antibodies when used for serum.

Draining the snake venom can be seen in the small screen. The employees go around among all venomous snakes, just as it would be the most natural thing in the world. Nonchalant is a snake taken up, while one man holds it the other takes a glass bowl and squeezes the venom through the snake's glands that is located above the teeth. The toxin, which is a thin brownish yellow liquid, then carrying it away to the stable. The work is, in spite of the men’s obvious relaxed posture not entirely harmless, it is said that several employees have been bitten at the institute but by a good supply of serum and rapid response no one have died.