Lak Muang, Bangkok

Lak Muang is located right across the Grand Palace in Bangkok and is open 08:00-18:00

The building's foundation stones were placed there by Rama I. Because Lak Muang lies not far from the Grand Palace, you have an impressive view of the many beautiful buildings that sparkles in the sunlight. Folk life in Lak Muang is motley. Flowers, tickets, and birds in small cages is for sale here. The birds are sold to visitors so they can set them free during prayer-time.

Lak Muang has a special status among the locals who believe it has the power to fulfil wishes, especially the desires about winning in the big national lottery and desires about fertility. Here one can also see the classic Thaidance Likay is often arranged by the people who have won the lottery and who want to show their gratitude in this way.