Dusit Zoo in Bangkok

Dusit Zoo Bangkok's own zoo. On weekends, the garden is a popular destination for Bangkok residents but also visitors from the rest of Thailand. The park's fencing includes most of Southeast Asia's animal species. There are many predators, especially from the cat family, but also kangaroo from Australia. As well as all of the common animals found in a Swedish zoo are also represented here. However, there are many more species of monkeys than we are accustomed with from home. The area has restaurants and shops where you can buy food and various kinds of fruit. At the small lake you can rent rowboats.

In November they are celebrating Loy Kratong with a festival after dark, and then the garden has extra opening hours. Then they have different competitions, for example a competition in sailing with custom built boats, this is a big attraction and the garden will be filled and overflowing with people from all over Thailand. Visit Dusit Zoo all year round. The zoo is open from 08: 00-18: 00, you pay the entrance fee when you arrive at the zoo. Find Bangkok's Dusit Zoo ken.

Where is Dusit Zoo