Chinatown in Bangkok

Like other large cities Thailand also have a Chinatown. A visit here is very exciting and can well compete with other Chinese neighbourhoods around the world. It is located on Soi Wanit also called Sampeng Lane. Soi Wanit parallel to Yaowarat Rd, and if Taowarat Rd is the street with the many goldsmith shops then Soi Wanit is a long narrow street that is covered with cotton canopies. The street between the stores is maximum 2 meters wide. Even though there is heavy crowd, the  motorcycles and large trolleys manage to transport goods down to the small stores. Here's a great opportunity to experience the Chinese business talents up close and the special atmosphere that exists in every Chinatown.

In Chinatown Bangkok everything can be bought, incense, cloth, fireworks, toys, and many things to be bought by the dozen and in wholesale trade. Chinatown is a golden opportunity to indulge in shopping. Feel free to buy something to eat from the many snack bars, each snack bar has its own character and culinary specialty.

To purchase a detailed map of the entire Chinatown incl Soi Wanit may be a good idea before you go out and explore Bangkok, Thailand