Bangkok, Thailands pulsating capitalcity

Bangkok is a big city with many attractions!
Bangkok is a blend of East and West, a vibrant city with many contrasts and a fantastic range of activities, shopping, entertainment and culture. The city's many restaurants are elegant and comfortable with good food. The parks and Buddhist temples with their beautiful gardens give the city a lush greenery.

Bangkok is also called the city of angels
Thais call Bangkok for Krung Thep - the City of Angels. The special atmosphere is particularly noticeable in the old city centre with the Grand Palace, the Royal Palace and Wat Phra Keo, Emeraldbuddahs temple, down the Chao Phraya river. With Sky train or the subway provides quick and easy access around the central parts of Bangkok and avoid long traffic jams on the streets. It's cheap to take a taxi, but the heavy traffic makes you progress more smoothly with other choices.

Many choices for shopping
Bangkok is well worth a separate trip, not least in order to shop in the thousands of stores. There is a wide variety of goods at extremely good prices. Thai silk is cheaper to purchase, and tailored clothing, silver, gold and precious stones, all sorts of crafts, souvenirs and especially designer clothes. On the huge department stores MBK, Siam Paragon and Central World, you can easily spend a whole day. The night market on Silom Road is also worth a visit.

Information about Bangkok
In the late 1700's Bangkok got the nickname Venice of Asia, although many khlong (canals) are filled in and the roads paved, one can still see small floating markets, and daily life in the khlong polehouses.

The city is filled of possibilities, and therefore it is advisable to start selecting carefully among the many options that the city offers. The first impression is often chaotic, perhaps because Bangkok has no real center. The city is large and for most people, it is not possible to walk from one attraction to the other. Therefore, use public transport to take you forward, perhaps the best option is the express boat that runs along the khlongs

Travel to Bangkok
Travelling from Scandinavia to Bangkok takes approximately 10 hours, some airlines have direct flights to Bangkok and offers a journey with a stopover. The easiest is to travel by scheduled flights to Bangkok and the price tends to be a positive experience. To find great air fares, we recommend that you try to search for departure during midweek and return journey also midweek.

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