Koh Chang alone

Koh Chang, Elephant Island (Chang = Elephant)
Koh Chang is Thailand's second largest island next to Koh Samui. Koh Chang is located 2.5 hours drive from Mae Phim. Allt om Thailandsresan can arrange transport to ferry or all the way to your hotel or resort on Koh Chang.

All beaches on Koh Chang has its own charm and you'll find quickly an alternative that would suit you well! You quickly find your own beach on Koh Chang, something that fits your style and meet your expectations of living and nature.

The level of development is very different regarding accommodation, facilities, dining and activities. Below are some tips on which of the beaches that you may be able to find at your favourite spot.

White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach is the first beach that you reach on the north side of the island and by far the busiest and the beach on Koh Chang has the most settlements. Here at White Sand Beach are pubs, restaurants and some shopping. And many good hotels and various resorts along the beach. White sand beach is the widest beach on Koh Chang.

Khlong Prao Beach
Khlong Prao beach is a continuation of the White sand beach, this is a wide range of shops and food places, all of these shops and food places can be found in the northern part of the foreshore.

Kai Bae Beach
Kai Bae was one of the original areas where locals first opened their homes for the first backpacker who came to the island, the tourism of the first backpackers began mid 80's when a few adventurous backpackers began asking around for places to stay. The rest is history. Today tourism to the island is large and many return year after year, but you can not compare Kai Bae beach with white sand, but Kai Bae Beach still has its distinctive charm.

Lonely beach
It was to Lonely Beach that they found the first Western backpackers to those visitors looked at Lonely Beach as the best beach to stay during their stay on Koh Chang

for over a decade, this little cove have been very popular beach with Westerners, as visiting they now recognize it as an oasis. On Lonely Beach, you can still find great prices on accommodation and find your own little favourite.

Koh Chang archipelago and the islands around Koh Chang.

Last but not least we have all the small beautiful islands off Koh Chang. Do you want to get close to a beautiful nature in Thailand, you should definitely go out on a full-day scuba diving trip, with food, drinks and guide. Even an overnight can surely be exciting. There are entire 54  islands that are documented in the Koh Chang archipelago.

Some islands you should visit is Koh Wai and Koh Mak there are several boat trips which sail daily to the other islands around Koh Chang.

Koh Chang with domestic
Bangkok Airways offers domestic flights to Trat and flight time is approximately 45 minutes. From Trat, it takes around 1 hour to reach Koh Chang. Book flights to Trat, you can do this from home or via online. Are you traveling by car from Bangkok it takes about 6 hours depending on traffic. Make a stop in Mae Phim on half way and continue the journey at will. Take the opportunity to make a trip to Koh Chang Thailand


Via" Allt om Thailandsresan" you can book transport from Mae Phim to and from Koh Chang ferry mode or to the hotel or resort.

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