Fear or discomfort for a future flight?

Fear or discomfort for a future flight?
Travelling and flying to Thailand takes about 10 hours flight time efficient, a time which for many is the worst hours in their life. It does not matter how many times we write that it is not dangerous to fly so it will not cure your fear of flying. You can understand that less people die in air accidents than it does in traffic on the road. But what does that help you? Not a bit! But that you'll get a glimpse into the flight can help you a long way with your biggest concerns.

Are you afraid of flying and feel uncomfortable about a flight, you are far from alone. A study shows that 20-25 percent of the population in the western countries have fear of flying. Freely counted that makes one in five people who suffer from this. Being afraid of flying is nothing that we, ourselves, can control. To get rid of this fear of flying is quite possible, therefore, we have written this guide for fear of flying that intend you to get an insight into what it is and how it works during a flight.

Before we go further, we will find out why we are afraid of flying!
Being afraid of flying is all about confinement and control needs, we cannot control the situation it selves. Some suffer from panic attacks before their flight. And if you have experienced something that you become frightened of it is common that you are worried about a flight. Also, try to think about what started your fear of flying and process it from there.

Questions  & answers about the flying
Just after start it sounds like the engine stops?
No, the engine does not stop however, as the pilot pulls down on the throttle just after starting the engines at full throttle, just as an aircraft needs to when you are going up, but once you are up in the air they do not need this level of acceleration as the aircraft flies more of its own power.

Fasten Seat belt sign don’t  go out, is there something wrong?
There is always the pilots who put on and off the plate to fasten seat belts. When pilots have come above the clouds or if there is turbulence the sign will remain turned on.

There is a "humming" sound with frequent intervals after starting what is it?
That sound you hear is a hydraulic pump that is used to fold up the wheels and which folds out or pull in different wing flaps. These flaps will move and be folded in the higher up you go. So this sound is normal.

Fasten Seat belt sign is turned on during the flight, is there something wrong?
When there is turbulence during a flight, the pilot can often see it before it reaches the area of ​​turbulence. The sign lights up so you will know not to be standing up and possibly fall and hurt yourself.

What is turbulence?
Turbulence can be likened to sitting and riding in a car on a "bumpy" dirt road. So it is “bad road”. In fact, the different pressures depending on what kind of weather it is in the area. In most cases pilots avoid turbulence if there is another way to go. Not because it is dangerous, but it's more about passenger comfort.

Can an aircraft take heavy/hard turbulence?
The answer to that question is yes, there is no aircraft that suffered an accident solely due to turbulence. However, it is common for passengers injured because you are not sitting down and strapped.

It sounds like the engine stops during the flight when we are up in the air?
It may seem that you experience is that the engines throttle change, usually if the pilot flies too high, there may be. What happens is that the engines wind down for you to change altitude. Yet you can experience that the pilot is giving more gas, he do so to rise in altitude.

What is the most dangerous part of the flight?
There is nothing that is dangerous, but if you'll look at accident statistics, it is during takeoff and landing as most incidents occur. However, it is very rare even then.

The flight attendants sit down and buckle up for the flight, should you be worried?
No, you should not be! It's for the same reasons as for yourself, that no one will fall over and get hurt while you are in an area of ​​poor flying weather. Before any serving can begin, the captain gives the green light for showing that there will be no turbulence in the near future.

How common is it that a plane breaks down during a flight?
It does not happen very often, so when it happens the pilot lands at the first airport.
Even at motor damage the pilot will fly to the nearest airport.

Can an airplane fly with one engine?
Yes, an aircraft can launch and fly with one engine. But the pilot will be trying to land again because you don’t want to go all the way with a motor eliminated.

It shakes a lot right by landing what is it?
When flying, vacuum is formed on the upper side of the wings, it is this vacuum that allows airplanes getting "sucked" up into the air and fly. At the approach just before landing, you have to get rid of this vacuum, this will minimize the force and the plane can slowly go down on the ground. When the wing flaps folds up, air will be tossed up and hits the wings that sits on the tail of the plane. This is what you can experience when it "shakes" It's perfectly normal!

To drink alcohol, does it relieves my fear of flying?
What can be experienced to remove your fear of flying is to take a glass or two before the flight. Alcohol and fear of flying is unfortunately not good together. There are several reasons, but mainly it is because your innermost fear will not go away and it may get worse when you start to sober up! Another factor is at alcohol is dehydrating and you should not be. Instead you should drink other liquids before and during the flight, it will help you better than alcohol.