Cockfighting is a popular sport in the small towns outside of Bangkok. Matches begin in January after the rice harvest. It attracts and creates a lively betting among the audience. The Thai battle rooster is a nervous and aggressive bird with beautiful colors and strong spurs that are not cut. The training of battle roosters begin at 8 months of age and it is done by the bird constantly sprayed with water which is then allowed to dry in the strong sunlight. The panting bird is wetted again and this will give rise to a fiery temerament. Then the trained rooster is put together with other roosters and is taught to fight.

When the roosters are fighting they are not allowed to hurt each other but the first rooster that show signs of fatigue have lost. Roosters get the best care imaginable. They get special feed of pork, rice and sugar. A good battle rooster is worth a lot for its owner. It is not rare that roosters are sold to the amount equivalent to what an ordinary Thai could earn by working at 6 months.